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The first time I took my new paddleboard out on the water, the conditions were somewhat dangerous, but I had no idea. It was a beautiful day and just happened to be very windy, so the water was super wavy. This was fine by me! I was just happy to be out there and I didn’t know any better. Personally, I enjoy a little chaos. I thrive in rough situations because I find it’s easier to go with the flow. Your choices are limited, you have to think fast and fight hard, and afterwards you feel quite accomplished for making…

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No one appointed me to be the Sobriety Police (and I promise you ⎼ I’m not applying for that position by writing this) but as a person who has been sober for 2.5 years, I have some thoughts about Dry January that I feel compelled to share.

Dry January began in 2013 in the United Kingdom as a campaign to raise funds for alcohol abuse treatment. It has since caught on as a popular health trend, with people all around the world committing to abstaining from alcohol for the first month of the year.

In the past, I’ve been excited…

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I leaned up in bed and unlatched my second story window. I heaved it open with all the strength I could muster and thrust my head out, vomiting bright yellow stomach bile onto the roof of the porch below. I stared at it, disgusted. I was in pain. My stomach tightened and cramped with both hunger and nausea. It was empty. I was empty.

I was drinking every night, but I would never be satisfied.

It was around this time, my senior year of college, that my first gray hair sprouted. It was a timely reminder that I was graduating…

Marissa G

Social worker. Writer. Environmentalist. Humor is my coping skill.

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